InSite Consulting provides over eight decades of a comprehensive array of site selection, economic development and real estate consulting services to clients around the globe.  We team with clients from global industry leaders to local, regional, state and international country governments.  InSite's team has located in excess of $20 billion worth of facilities for some of the world's best-known companies, including Caterpillar, Shell Oil, Mercedes Benz, Procter & Gamble, Borg-Warner and Navistar International.

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There needs to be radical InSite and revolutionary execution plans to change the fate of economic development efforts!  The InSite team is led by nationally recognized principals who have in-depth collective knowledge and experience forming economic development / marketing plans and strategies utilized by various communities and regional economic development organizations throughout the country.  We assist organizations in differentiating themselves through target marketing, strategic planning, target industry analysis, site feasibility studies, community development programs, innovative public/private partnerships, and project implementation. Can you respond to and accommodate a company that needs a fully infrastructured site TODAY?  Could our client make a decision to locate in your community TODAY with no risk or infrastructure capital investment?  Not within 90 days or 6 months to get infrastructure to the site, not engineering studies, not environmental assessments, not dependent on grant money – TODAY WITH NO RISK?  Can you do the deal today?  Can you respond with the right answers because you have them?  And what are the basic, yet most important questions:  Does your site or building have – water with excess capacity; sewer with excess capacity; natural gas; fiber; electric; completed Phase 1… if you have answered no to any of these – you are already out of the ballgame. Does your leadership understand what just happened?  All these questions with the viable answers need to form the foundation of each and every strategic plan. 

You want the economic development strategies to create jobs?  You have to have industry.  In order to attract industry, you must understand how industry makes decisions (what you can impact and what you cannot).  The very first thing you must have is viable product – with a heavy emphasis on VIABLE!  If you have viable product, you must be able to communicate the assets that will attract industry – in general – and others as identified.  Your product must be found.  You must be able to respond to requests….  It is a checklist.  Viable product, ability to communicate respective assets, excellent project management, pro-business community and leadership – next natural progress - jobs. Notice again where we started – product! With regard to target marketing, how about we develop a plan that allows you to attract jobs period, then you decide which ones you want.  In essence, your target marketing plan makes you the target for industries desiring a new location.  The saying “build it and they will come” applies to industry.  All economic plans need to address all of this! When it comes to economic development / marketing, our team’s guiding philosophy is to listen to our client’s needs and focus on action plans to create a step–by–step guide to truly improve economic development efforts.

​We have spent a great deal of time working with and observing organizations all over the country and being totally frustrated that the basics are being completely overlooked.  Leadership needs to be educated.  Product needs to be the dominant focus.  A mental helix with our two core competencies (site selection and economic development) evolved and we came up with intense services to exceed the needs of economic development organizations. What motivates the site selection process - truthfully?  When you drill down to the heart of the matter, if you don't have product that industry can locate in or on with ease and requiring no to very little capital investment for basic infrastructure, all the great labor force and quality of life in the world will not matter!  Why would a decision-maker consider such a location, marked with risk, when the best of all worlds is out there - great product, labor force, quality of life, etc.? That is where economic development organizations need to be or at least in a very big hurry to get there!

Building Assessment and Recommendations
The question must be asked and answered honestly, “Does your community have quality product such as a viable, existing building to attract potential prospects?”  This is an ideal time for communities to position themselves for future economic expansion by planning and investing in product development initiatives.  Organizations can take advantage of this down-time when companies are not expanding by preparing buildings for when their targets are ready to relocate.  Realize the value of getting those existing buildings certified as “client-ready” because when the market does re-cover, they will be a hot commodity.

Site Assessment and Recommendations
Develop a “shovel-ready” inventory of sites that are in high demand by site location consultants and companies.  This sound program evaluates your area from the eyes of an executive performing a site search.  Our approach ultimately will be used to evaluate, make key recommendations, and even prioritize the sites for the community.  Our goal will be to make recommendations that enhance the current and future competitiveness and marketability of not only the site(s), but also that of the community.

Community Readiness Simulations
It is critical this day and time that communities are “Client-Ready.”   It is a “must” that Economic Development organizations not only have product, but focus their efforts in the “right direction” for existing or future needs. Some organizations have quality response mechanisms and product in place and need to be focusing on future development. Some organizations don’t have quality response mechanisms or product in place and must focus on developing fundamental initiatives just to be competitive in the marketplace. It is time for communities to re-evaluate exactly how and what they are selling.

Responding to Requests for Information (RFIs)
Experience Phase I and II of a site selection project to prepare your team to win the next project for your community.  Learn where your community does and does not “stack up” in the eyes of a consultant.  Our recommendations for prioritizing future economic development efforts will enhance the ability of your area to win projects.

InSite assists communities in improving their overall economic performance through an implementable strategic plan with steps that are customized to achieve specific goals set by the community.  A clear vision and structure are imperative for communities to remain competitive in this global marketplace.  By leveraging each community’s unique, existing strengths and taking advantage of prevalent opportunities, our strategic planning process systematically enables organizations to mobilize more effectively to create a dynamic and diverse economic clip-mate.  Our proven strategic planning method includes alignment sessions and process development, a comprehensive community assessment and analysis, and the formulation of a dynamic and proactive plan. Responsibilities for carrying out the plan are outlined in an implementation guide featuring both long term and immediate goals to ensure that tasks are completed effectively and on time.

Identifying optimal target prospects by examining a community through the prospect’s eyes and developing action plans to effectively reach out to those targets is a crucial part of an economic development strategy. InSite’s program provides communities with the knowledge of industries that will thrive in a particular area and enables organizations to successfully address and execute internal and external marketing strategies.  With the proper strategy and targets, the unique assets of your area can be leveraged to promote the right kind of growth to benefit all stakeholders.