A significant percentage of available incentive dollars are being left on the table by companies and clearly, these companies do a great job in their core competency, but in order to realize the full array of incentives, cash and credits available to them, they need the assistance of a firm whose core competency is in site selection and incentive negotiation.  The tax benefit and incentive landscape is complicated and difficult to maneuver and as can be seen from our client list, many successful companies have utilized InSite to capturing all incentives relative to their project and ensure they receive all credits and incentives they're entitled to. 
A current example of our capabilities is with a client whose capital investment is $45 million, and through InSite’s site selection and incentive negotiation services, that client has been awarded over $43 million in incentives over a 30 year timeframe. Examples of incentives negotiated:
- Cash grants upfront for site development; land and / or building cost offsets; machinery and equipment purchase; etc. - Free land - Free building - Free employee training - Foreign Trade Zone location: goods duty-free - Reduced to zero corporate income taxation - Reduction in property tax liability - Reduced electric rates - Reduction in labor costs - Free temporary office space - Relocation assistance - Accelerated permitting
- New Market Tax Credit: radical reduction in Federal Income Tax liability
Need to find a site for your next operation?  Need a bullet-proof feasibility analysis for your board of directors?  We do it faster than anyone else!  Our process is transparent to our client from the very beginning to the very end.  Each step is quantified.  Each decision is quantified.  Each recommendation is made based upon our fully quantifiable and transparent process infused at each and every moment with the client’s expertise with regard to his / her industry and process.  For example: 

We were asked to complete a 15-state site search for a Fortune 300 company in 16 weeks.  We delivered in 13 weeks.  The chairman of this board of 44 global directors said in our final meeting with the group that “in all his years of executive management, he had never brought a decision before a board of executives where there were absolutely NO questions and the project was approved unanimously – the process was that thorough and that transparent.”

We completed the site location of a $100 million project in 4 months for a client who had been stalled in the process for 18 months.

We were challenged by a Fortune 100 company to complete a $360 million chemical processing site location in 20 weeks. We delivered in 17 weeks.

​How do we do it?  We have developed our very own input / output computation models specific to our industry’s decision making process yet infused with our clients’ industry intelligence.  The models change with each and every client.  The models are data-driven, quantifiable and transparent.  They are fast! The site / building selection process is one of elimination, not inclusion.  Our methodology focuses on finding and eliminating all risk items associated with each location.  Each location is forced through a filter process, where at each layer of analysis the location is considered either retained for further consideration or eliminated.  The following process focuses on finding and exhausting all sites / buildings, operational and incentive items associated with each location under consideration by our client.  As stated above, each location is forced through a filter process, where at each layer of analysis the location is scrutinized based on facility requirements, nonrecurring and recurring costs and maximized incentive offsets.  This process is governed by a very strong methodology that operates on quantifiable data, resulting in a transparent decision making process.  At any and all points in the process, the client can see quantifiably where we are – even to the point of seeing all community responses in an Excel format if desired.

State and local economic development professionals may try to convince you that they can do your “site” selection for free, or you may think this to be the case. But keep in mind, they work for the state or locality they represent and are charged with getting client’s to locate awarding the least amount of incentives.  So they are protecting their best interests.  The client needs to have their interests protected by an unbiased party who knows all the angles for incentives so that money is not left on the table.


InSite Consulting provides over eight decades of a comprehensive array of site selection, economic development and real estate consulting services to clients around the globe.  We team with clients from global industry leaders to local, regional, state and international country governments.  InSite's team has located in excess of $20 billion worth of facilities for some of the world's best-known companies, including Caterpillar, Shell Oil, Mercedes Benz, Procter & Gamble, Borg-Warner and Navistar International.

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