The Journey of InSite's Professionals:

Site Selection Experts,
Local Economic Development Practitioners,
Utility Project Managers, City and Regional Planners.

InSite’s Mission: Taking the Site Selection Process to a level of transparency that will benefit both
Siting and Local Economic Development clients. The way in which both industries are intertwined is quite amazing,
yet elusive to one another. Each are dependent upon the other for success!
And it all begins in the dirt – 
with a site that will work for the manufacturing/industrial client.

InSite Consulting was born out of a passion for Site Selection and Economic Development services. InSite was founded by Tonya Crist and Rob Cornwell in 2004 and is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. InSite Consulting globally executes two dynamic core competencies, Site Selection and Economic Development, and when combined, these two forces alter the local, region, state, and world economies. How? By creating much needed jobs and stable, sustainable capital investment in communities around the globe. Merging the elusive world of Site Selection with robust Economic Development Services creates an explosive model that collides and activates Site-Ready Communities with Clients Seeking Ready-Sites. InSite’s transparent, powerful, quantifiable, worldwide site selection decision-making process allows our clients to make decisions easier and faster, removing antiquated and human biased barriers and risk. This creates a “bulletproof” deliverable to our siting clients for their location decision-making process. InSite is taking Site Selection and Economic Development Consulting from “behind the magic curtain” to a new, transparent, quantifiable platform that delivers locked and loaded sites, programs, processes, and decisions to both worlds of site selection and economic development clients.

As Economic Development experts, we fully realize the needs of countries, states, regions, and local municipalities working daily to market to and procure new and expanding businesses in their areas. As Site Location professionals with worldwide experience, we know the key variables, to include incentives (bottom-line cost offsets), that govern location decisions and how the two can best work together.

What Differentiates InSite from our Competition?

Both owners have been professional Site Selectors AND Local Economic Developers!
This distinctive combination of experience adds tremendous value to InSite’s two core competencies: Site Selection and Economic Development Consulting. Both types of clients get the distinct advantage of InSite having been on the inside of each operation, allowing the project to benefit from an in-depth understanding of
both worlds, as each are intertwined in the other’s success.

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